October 27, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Our church is prayerfully and humbly seeking God in order to find a pastor/preacher/teacher to work closely with the current elder body to feed, protect, and lead the flock of CBC Andrews.

Meets qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
Has served faithfully and joyfully in various roles in a church body
Mature man of God who seeks to honor God in all he does
If married, wife is a mature Christian who loves the Lord and her husband and is willing to share her life, husband, and family in God’s work and ministry
If blessed with children, he must lead his family well, faithfully teaching and disciplining his children in the Lord
A degree in biblical studies, theology, or ministry preferred.
Experience preaching expositionally
ACBC counseling certification preferred but not required
Holds high view of God, His Word, and His church
Pursues excellence in all things for the glory of God
Good work-ethic and self-discipline
Proven character
Desires to serve God by serving His church
Is growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ
Holds to the London 1689 Confession
Holds the Bible as being sufficient for all things regarding life and holiness
Affirms and agrees with our church’s constitution, beliefs, and distinctives (found on our website: )

To keep regular office hours during the work week – using much of the time to study and prepare for preaching/teaching
Work closely with elders – attending elder meetings, communicating regularly with the elders, working alongside the elders to shepherd the flock of Jesus Christ
Being active in the body – attending Sunday School, services, and church functions – (expected to participate as a member of the body, not always “in charge” of the events/services/functions)
Preaching during Sunday morning service at least 2-3 times per month
Counsel members of the church as needed in matters related to faith, family, sin struggles, etc.
Fill in to teach Sunday school as needed
Fill in on Wednesday nights or to teach in rotation if needed
Teach in rotation on Sunday nights
Encourage the church to practice the “one anothers” – being an example to the body in your own conduct.
Pray for the body
Coordinate visits and care of members with Elder over Member Care
Work alongside Elder over worship to plan Sunday morning services and holiday services
Work with Elder over administrative functions to maintain smooth daily operations of the church
Disciple members of the church through preaching and teaching
Check on ministry leaders to encourage them and help meet any needs they may have in order to minister faithfully
Find ways to be in the community to personally share the gospel and interact with people on a regular basis
Equipping the body to be faithful in making disciples as they go

About our Church –

We are a smaller but spiritually growing body who loves the Lord, the Word, and each other. We desire to honor God and worship in accordance with His commands. We need a pastor who will come alongside the church and continue teaching, feeding, and equipping the body for holy living and to carry out Christ’s command to go out and make disciples. Our town is a rural oilfield town of about 18,000 people – largely an unchurched/unreached, “bible-belt” community. We are not interested in a man who wishes to make a name for himself, nor one who desires to remake and reorder the church in his own image or to fit his own preferences. BUT we are eager to learn and grow closer to the Lord and to fulfill His desire for our church in character and deed.