Music/Worship Minister Position

March 21, 2023
Application ends: August 1, 2023
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Job Description

We are seeking a music minister to come join our growing church. Currently our worship ministry is led by faithful volunteers, but we desire to call someone who can devote their talents and abilities to this role and bless our congregation.

About Our Church
Our church is currently being replanted. This means we are in the process of overhauling our constitution and church covenant as we become elder-led, deacon-served, and congregationally ruled in our polity. The Lord has been blessing this endeavor, and we’ve seen many positive reforms to our church culture and missional engagement in our community. We average about 60 people on any given Sunday and expect to continue to grow. You are not required to be Reformed to join our church, but you will find our pastors teach and preach from a distinctively Reformed Baptist confessional stance.

Our church rests in a neighborhood just off 170 and St. Charles Rock Road. Churches in North County in general have had a diminishing witness or have even closed their doors permanently leaving North County with few healthy, Gospel-heralding churches. All this is to say, there is a great need and work to be done here!

• A strong Christian growing in their walk with the Lord
• Can clearly articulate the Gospel
• Willing to join the church and be an active member of the body in our community groups and/or Sunday school ministry
• Strong vocal ability is a must. We have a preference that they would also have an instrumental ability to lead music with either the guitar, piano or keyboard
• Has a commitment for solid doctrine evidenced in good song selection
• Deep care for multi-generational worship evidenced in songs that are theologically rich, congregationally singable, and worshipful
• We desire someone who is willing to grow in this position from being a worship minister to being a worship pastor and our pastors are ready and willing to disciple this person in pastoral ministry
• As the church continues to grow, we would also like to increase the pay and responsibilities of the position. It is our hope that this could grow into a full-time position
• Affirms our statement of faith (The Baptist Faith & Message 2000)

Ideal Aptitudes/Character Traits
• Builder Spirit – is willing to actively contribute to the replanting of this church.
• A Team Player – works well with the pastors, staff, sound team and volunteers in leading the congregation.
• Leadership qualities – will need to be able to lead a worship team, organize and recruit volunteers.
• Teachable Spirit – willing to grow and be discipled into greater maturity in Christ.
• Humility- We aren’t looking for someone to lead us in music that wants to put on a show or draw attention to themselves. We desire someone who will make much of God and little of themselves.
• Theologically astute – we aren’t requiring someone to have at theology degree for this position, but the need for solid doctrine in congregational singing is vital because of the repetition and power of music can instill good or bad doctrine. Some influences that blend modern hymnody and contemporary music we like include (but are not limited to): Sovereign Grace Music, Matt Merker, Matt Boswell, Andrew Peterson, Shane & Shane and The Getty’s.
• Works closely with the pastors in crafting a liturgy and the weekly order of service.
• Selects songs and scriptures for the worship service. Scripture selection will at least include: 1) A call to worship 2) Assurance of Pardon following our corporate confession and 3) Benediction.
• In addition to the weekly services, we will give this person the opportunity to participate in and plan special services. Special services may include Christmas Eve, funerals, services of lament and so forth. We understand many people go home for holidays like Christmas and Easter and we are flexible to work with that. Services that will be missed will simply need some planning to delegate and assign team members to fill in.
• Will attend needed pastor & staff meetings. We are flexible for this person to join in by zoom or conference call if they are a student or bi-vocational. We are willing to work someone’s schedule.
• Oversee the management of funds in the worship ministry budget.

• Pay will be a stipend of $230.77 per week (12,000 per year if they work all 52 weeks).
• Access to our growing theological library (ideal for ministry and seminary students)
• As mentioned above – we are flexible to work with someone’s work/school and travel plans/schedule.
• We are also flexible to work with any candidate to provide a ministry internship or pastoral residency to help them build their resume. We will tailor any residency or internship (if desired) to the school requirements and needs of the candidate.