Pastor for Preaching and Teaching

December 8, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Pastor of Preaching and Teaching Job Description
Our senior pastor of nine years is being sent out in December 2022 by our church to pastor an international church in SE Asia. In light of that, we are seeking to call a man to serve as our Pastor of Preaching and Teaching.

This man will be an elder of LCF alongside our current elders and therefore must meet the character and gifting qualifications of an elder as laid out in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

This man will come alongside our Pastor of Discipleship and Equipping as a co-laborer and close partner in ministry.

As one of the elders of LCF and as our Pastor of Preaching and Teaching, we have the following expectations of this man.

 First, we expect him to not merely agree with, but to joyfully uphold the basic doctrines of the Christian faith as laid out in our Statement of Faith as well as the doctrines laid out in our Doctrinal Distinctives.
 Second, we expect him to eagerly engage in the shepherding responsibilities shared by all of our elders—both staff and lay elders alike. This includes, but is not limited to, consistently growing in his knowledge of, love for, prayer for, care and protection of, and leadership of LCF. This also includes carrying out the normal duties associated with pastoral ministry: pre-marital and other types of counseling, weddings, funerals, hospital visits, etc.
 Third, we expect him to be the primary preacher and teacher of LCF. The main venue for carrying out this expectation is our Sunday morning service as he exposits the Word of God. While the actual number of Sundays he preaches will depend on the season of ministry, we expect him to preach around 75% of the time. He will also preach and teach in other gatherings as deemed appropriate and useful by the elders for the life of and growth of the church. These may include mid-week services, Sunday discipleship classes, Bible studies, small groups, etc.
 Closely related to the previous expectations, the Pastor of Preaching and Teaching will be expected to take the lead in shaping the weekly corporate worship service and the yearly preaching calendar. This includes working with our music leaders to make song recommendations and choosing appropriate texts of Scripture for our call to worship, Scripture reading, and benediction. This also includes picking which book of the Bible to
preach through during a given time period, while also giving thought to special Sundays or seasons (e.g. “Sanctity-of-Life Sunday” or Advent).
 Fifth, while he does not carry the title of “Pastor of Discipleship and Equipping”, we expect him to work alongside the Pastor of Discipleship and Equipping and the other elders to engage in discipleship relationships and in equipping the church, at-large, for the work of ministry.
 Sixth, while the burden of leadership of the church falls on the shoulders of all the elders, collectively, we are aware that the direction and culture of a church is primarily set from the pulpit. In light of that, we expect that the Pastor of Preaching and Teaching, in concert with the rest of the elders, would provide big-picture leadership for the church— setting the direction and the culture of the church by faithfully preaching and teaching and leading from the Word of God.

In light of these expectations, the man we are looking for should be:
 A man of godly, exemplary, elder-qualified, and tested character
 A man who shares the shepherding heart of the Chief Shepherd
 A man of humility, who is willing to both lead and defer to his fellow elders
 A man who is servant-hearted and convictional in his leadership, willing to serve in any
way necessary—both big and small
 Preferably a man who has some gifting in the area of administration
 Preferably a man who is seminary-trained and has demonstrated the gifts of preaching,
teaching, shepherding, and leadership in the context of a local church

Compensation will be commensurate with experience. Please note that our elders have always been committed to ensuring that the needs of their pastors are generously met.

Finally, we understand how difficult the candidating process can be with all of the unknowns. Our desire is to make our process as clear as possible for any would-be applicants. Our intention is to follow these steps and to communicate clearly with all applicants along the way.
 Step 1: cover letters and résumés
 Step 2: questionnaires and sermon samples
 Step 3: interviews and reference checks
 Step 4: face-to-face meeting(s) with select leaders from LCF
 Step 5: formal candidating trip

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email a cover letter and résumé to . Thank you for your consideration!
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Church Profile

Our purpose
Littlerock Community Fellowship (LCF) exists to worship and glorify God in fellowship with one another by making disciples, equipping the church, and reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our location and history
We are a small, non-denominational church of about 115 members and 175 attendees (including children) located roughly 10 miles south of Olympia, WA. We were founded in 1990 by a couple who desired to see a gospel witness established in the Littlerock, WA area. Over the past thirty years we have slowly grown in size. We moved into our current building in 2011. We are an older congregation, but have seen the Lord bring many younger families to our church in recent years and value the intergenerational nature of our church. While we started off as a church that primarily lived within the Littlerock community, we have become a church that draws people from all over the Thurston County and north Lewis County area.

Our leaders
We are led by a plurality of elders. We understand the New Testament to use the term “elder” interchangeably with “overseer” and “shepherd” and believe all three terms describe the same office. In light of that, while we have two “staff pastors” who give themselves full-time to the ministry and leadership of the church, these men serve alongside and in equal partnership with our lay elders.

In addition to our two staff pastors, we have a part-time paid administrative assistant and volunteer deacons who provide service and leadership in various areas and ministries within our church (i.e., deacon of AV tech, deacon of security, etc.).

Our beliefs and values
Although we are a non-denominational church, we affirm the Bible’s teaching on believer’s baptism and the complementarian roles of men and women in the home and in the church. A more thorough explanation of our beliefs can be found in our Statement of Faith and our Doctrinal Distinctives.
As a church we are marked by several things. First, is our commitment to expository preaching. Our general practice on Sunday mornings is to preach systematically through Scripture as we work week-by-week through books of the Bible. For example, we have been preaching through the book of Exodus since June of 2021. Prior to that we preached through 1 Peter and before that we preached through the book of Nehemiah.

Additionally, our preaching and teaching ministry reflects these three priorities: the majestic sovereignty of God, the Christ-centeredness of the entire Bible, and the power of the Word of God by the work of the Spirit to transform people’s hearts.

Second, we are marked by Bible-saturated and Christ-centered corporate worship. When we gather on Sunday mornings, we are committed to allowing God’s Word to call us into that time and to send us from that time (benediction). We are committed to praying prayers that are shaped by and filled with Scripture. We are committed to multiple Scripture readings from the Old and New Testaments in our service. And, we are committed to choosing songs, both old and new, that are robustly biblical, corporately singable, and congregationally edifying.

Third, we are marked by meaningful membership. By that we mean that the members of our church are, as far as we are able to discern, regenerate, and an accurate reflection of who attends and actively participates in the life of our church. It also means that we place a particular emphasis on members in our shepherding as elders and, when necessary, pursue the restoration of our members through church discipline.

Finally, we have a growing commitment to seeing people and places with little or no access to the Gospel be reached with the Gospel. This has been and is being fleshed out in a commitment to supporting missionaries who are doing this type of work and in a commitment to raising up our own missionaries who will do this type of work in the future.

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