Ministry Fellow

July 22, 2023
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Job Description

The Ministry Fellow will be an employee in service to the administrative and ministry needs of the church. The fellow will answer to the Pastors, and will be under direction and work closely with the Deacons. While this position will not hold any church authority or governing power over any regular member, it is a position of extreme trust and responsibility. In addition to handling church administration tasks, as a representative of the church they must live according to the ideals, moral standing, professional ethics, and theology of the church. The fellowship will run until the end of the calendar year and may be renewed.

The Qualifications of the Church Ministry Fellow:
1. Has a desire to pursue church ministry, and desires the oversight and experience of seasoned pastors.
2. Demonstrates excellent interpersonal and leadership skills.
3. Displays strong verbal and written communication skills.
4. Takes initiative for what needs to be done, and seeks and implements solutions.
5. Pays close attention to detail and has excellent record keeping abilities.
6. Possesses strong technological abilities and has knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access; as well as photo, video, and audio editing programs.
7. Has the ability to operate standard office equipment.
8. Demonstrates knowledge of and is able to apply standard bookkeeping skills.
9. Possesses the ability to skillfully coordinate the work of a large group of volunteers.
10. Has knowledge of and supports the church’s mission statement, doctrines and commitments.
11. Has some proven lay ministry in a local church.
12. Be willing to undergo background screen and drug test.
13. Be willing to undergo continuing education to further develop ministry proficiency.

The Responsibilities of the Church Ministry Fellow:
1. Answer email, social media, or phone call inquiry questions.
2. Maintain and update website, calendar, and app with up to date information.
3. Develop Social Media presence with ads and postings, and website SEO
4. Deposit tithes and offerings and keep financial records in QuickBooks, provide reports when requested.
5. Keeps all information in the Church Management Software up to date.
6. Maintain member records of contact information and membership documents.
7. Keep records of Worship attendance, financial giving, discipleship groups, conversions, and ministry involvement; and provide reports when requested.
8. Aids pastors and deacons in reaching out to members and visitor follow-up.
9. Research, order, and co-ordinate with outside vendors for ministry supplies, services, or insurance.
10. Provide research and administration of special projects when requested.
11. Coordinates church facility use, upkeep, and volunteer coverage.
12. Handles payroll, insurance, maintenance scheduling, and other routine tasks for church operations.
13. Composes written communication in various media that is consistent with the church’s brand voice.
14. Research area demographics and events, and administer advertising, greeting, follow up, or check in of members or visitors with calls, postcards, mailers, or other media.
15. Develop personal discipleship, technology, or other ministry skills with oversight of the pastors.