Emmanuel Baptist Church

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About Church

Emmanuel is a Southern Baptist Church in Michigan that has historically been one of the lead churches in the state convention. Over the past many years, the church has seen a decline in attendance and in ministries. Dr. David Roberts became pastor in October, 2022 and is engaged in a slow and patient process to help the church get healthier. We are traditional in many ways in that we sing hymns, read scripture, pray, receive an offering, and hear the Word of God preached. The Pastor is trying to revitalize the church through expositional preaching, prayer, and increasing fellowship opportunities among the members. Visit https://notes.io/qntXp for more detailed information.

Pastor David has been a friend of Founders Ministries since the late 1990’s when he became aware of the ministry. He also appreciates much of what 9Marks promotes.

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Southern Baptist Convention
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Baptist Faith and Message 2000
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