Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry

April 29, 2024
Application ends: January 1, 2025
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Job Description

This position is a salaried and full-time position. The Pastor of Youth & Family Ministry is responsible to the Senior Pastor and the FBC elders and charged with ministering to the youth in the church, as well as equipping parents for discipleship at home. The Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry works with the Senior Pastor and the Children’s Director to develop a comprehensive approach to discipleship with a church-wide aim and a family focus.

The Candidate must be committed to theological precision, intentional discipleship, and assisting parents to be the primary disciple-makers of their children.


Essential Qualifications:
The Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry is a member of the FBCNV elder team, and will therefore demonstrate the character and teaching abilities described for elders in passages such as Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Timothy 3:1-7. The Pastor Search Team will require the following evidence of a candidate’s qualifications:
● Full agreement with FBCNV’s Statement of Faith, Covenant, and Mission.
● Evidence of spiritual maturity, knowledge of Scripture, and dedication to family discipleship
● References of character and ability.
● Clear background checks (e.g., Financial, Criminal Record, Child Abuse and Neglect)

The Pastor Search Team will also consider:
● A theological education of at least a Bachelor of Arts
● Previous experience in ministry
● Audio, video, or written samples of teaching ability/material
● Additional items as requested by the team (e.g., questionnaire)

Ministry to Students:

1. Study and prepare weekly lessons geared toward grounding the youth of the congregation in the core tenants of the Christian faith, grace of the gospel, and wisdom and theology of the Scriptures.
2. Lead or oversee weekly Wednesday night youth gatherings, Sunday school classes, potential small groups, other youth discipleship programs.
3. Lead an annual trip to student youth camp.
4. Plan events throughout the year to promote youth fellowship and community outreach.
5. Manage youth budget, receipts, financial direction, etc.

Ministry to Families:

1. Cultivate relationships with parents and provide resources to equip them for in-home discipleship, family worship, development and growth of students.
2. Invite families into the ministry, working to separate from a “youth only” approach and cultivate the family focus.
3. Provide training for families on in-home discipleship.

Church Wide Discipleship:

1. Work with the Senior Pastor and Children’s Director to develop an intentional and comprehensive discipleship plan for the whole church.
2. Commit to pray for the congregation and commit to love them and shepherd them.
3. Be willing and able to preach expository sermons in the absence of the Senior Pastor.


1. Be proactive in reaching the youth from the public Middle & High Schools, located right across the street from First Baptist Church.
2. First Baptist Church hosts a Christian school in our building that runs up to 7th grade. The Candidate should be proactive in engaging the 6-7 grade students in this school.
3. Develop a presence in the community to minister to community youth & families.
4. Seek out opportunities for the youth to be involved in the community through presence, service, evangelistic opportunities, and event hosting.

Outside of the listed responsibilities, the Candidate may be asked to take on other duties as reasonably assigned by the Senior Pastor or board of elders.