Youth Director

August 3, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Director of Youth Ministry (Full Time)

Job Description

Hampton Falls First Baptist Church seeks to hire a Youth Ministry Director.

Qualified candidate must be a committed Christian, be able to sign the Statement of Faith and the Church Covenant of HFFBC. He must be or become a member of our church. In addition, he must have a passion for youth and families, and should be able to articulate a sense of call to and giftedness for youth ministry. A degree in Bible or related ministry background is preferred.

I. Areas of Responsibility and Specific Tasks

In cooperation with ministry volunteers and under the guidance of our pastor overseeing family ministries, the candidate will assume a primary leadership position in coordinating and accomplishing the outcomes of our philosophy of ministry. The Director of Youth Ministry will:

• Ministry Engagement

o Bring positive energy and build engagement among the youth.
o Be an active participant and encourage relationship development by:
 mentoring students – working directly in one-on-one or small group environments.
 teaching in junior and senior high groups based upon ministry needs.
o In collaboration with our pastor overseeing family ministries, communicate and connect regularly with parents and families of the church using a variety of communication tools (emails, newsletters, mailings, phone calls, in-person visits, etc.).

• Ministry Oversight

o Be the contact person for families and parents for anything relating to youth ministry.
o Be physically present to lead and participate in youth ministry-related teams, committees, and events.
o Develop and train all youth staff in their roles and responsibilities.
o Oversee all programs pertaining to both groups of youth:
 Junior High
 Senior High

• Volunteer Coordinating

o Support the recruitment of new volunteers under the direction of our pastor overseeing family ministries.
o Coordinating of youth ministry volunteers for all youth group events, including Sunday school.

• Curriculum Implementation

o Be responsible for curriculum planning and organizing of instructional ministry programs in cooperation with our pastor overseeing education and family ministries.
o Ensuring that volunteers have the necessary curriculum material for the implementation of our philosophy of ministry.

• Planning

o Participate in leadership teams and work with our pastor of overseeing family ministries to identify critical needs in areas of ministry responsibility.
o Be responsible for organizing existing and new events that align with HFFBC’s core pillars of worship, instruction, fellowship, and evangelism under the direction of the pastor overseeing family ministries.

• Administration

o Be responsible for maintaining and organizing all relevant Youth Ministry files, forms, and lists, including:
 all class rosters and collected student information.
 applications and background checks for ministry volunteers.
 any other pertinent forms, including but not limited to liability or medical release forms and permission slips.

II. Expectations

• The Director of Youth Ministry is expected to be a person who is established in character, but still working on the character qualities of a leader as defined by I Timothy 3.
• The Director of Youth Ministry is expected to work with the Church Staff, Elder Board, Pastoral Team, and all ministry leaders in planning, problem solving, and building the entire ministry of the church.
• If the Director of Youth Ministry has a family, we expect that family is made a priority while balancing ministry responsibilities.