Music Pastor

February 14, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Position Title: Music Director OR Music Pastor
Reports to: Senior Pastor, Deacon Body, Church Membership
Classifications: Musical Arts, Administrative; Possibly Pastoral & Ministerial, qualification dependent
Job Type: Part Time (10-15 hours weekly)
Salary: $10,000-12,000 annually
Principle Function: Under the direction of the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit, the Music Director/Pastor is responsible to function as a spiritual leader and model of righteous living for the glory of God in, and through, his ministry to the local church in musical arts. The candidate shall adhere to the church’s doctrine and bylaws, promulgating such as in accordance with these statements in all of life, both privately and publicly.

Must have some experience in either:
Serving the local church in the music department, or
Serving the local church in pastoral ministry
Must be gifted musically, able to lead the fellowship in congregational worship via a variety of “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” (Col. 3:16). The congregation primarily sings hymns, but we do incorporate some spiritual songs and we are endeavoring, in an effort to be wholly biblical in our worship, to incorporate Scripture songs such as but not limited to the psalms.
All music must be in accordance with sound doctrine. Further, all song selections must be sourced from those who teach sound doctrine. Certain artists will be barred from our fellowship, as they promulgate a gospel contrary to the biblical teachings of Christ and Him crucified, salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone and for the glory of God alone (2 John 9-11).
Ability and faithfulness to attend Lord’s Day AM and PM services. There may be additional requirements as needed, such as but not limited to the following:
Wednesday evening AWANA services
Annual VBS music planning
Special services such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Cantata, etc.
Funerals, weddings, etc.
Must affirm the church’s confession, the New Hampshire Confession of Faith, and be in full agreement with the bylaws of MBC.
Must be converted into new birth in Christ Jesus, trusting in Him as Lord and Savior
Must be in good standing with current, or previous, local church fellowship

Principal Responsibilities:
Responsible for planning, leading, organizing, and conducting matters pertaining to the musical worship of church gatherings.
The candidate shall work in close conjunction with the elder(s) of the church, including but not limited to the Senior Pastor; therefore,
The candidate shall work to build, and subsequently maintain, healthy and mutually edifying fellowship with the leadership of the church and the membership at large
Song selection is not bound to tradition, but neither is it based upon the leader’s preferences nor on variety for its own sake. Rather, the leader will strive over time to curate a body of “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” (Col. 3:16) that encompass the breadth of theology that is delivered from the pulpit ministry of the church. This curation of songs should include music that is purposefully chosen and thoroughly taught for regular repetition so as to allow the congregation the advantage of “singing and making melody with [their] heart to the Lord,” (Eph. 5:19) both at church and at home, with spiritually formative music that they know well and believe deeply.
Our elder(s) preach expositionally, giving the whole counsel of the Word of God as we work through books of the Bible. As such, the music ministry is an integral part of teaching the church Body in matters of theology and practice
Coordinating any music practice with the functions of the church, including but not limited to the following:
Choir practice(s)
Worship team practice(s)
Musical instrument practice(s)
Provide counsel and leadership to all musicians within the church who desire to use their God-given gifts in the context of local church ministry

Candidates who are pursuing, or who are already qualified unto, Eldership will be given preference, in which case the following additional qualifications shall be requirements:
Must reflect the qualifications and characteristics consistent with a minister of the gospel as described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, and must teach, live, and minister in accordance with the New Hampshire Confession of Faith and Church Covenant of MBC as interpreted by the Pastoral Staff, without any reservations.
Must preach expository sermons from scripture.
Is licensed and ordained to the gospel ministry, possessing a call from God to ministry (2 Cor
4:1-2; Eph 4:11-14; 2 Tim 1:6-7).
Must be devoted to daily personal prayer and bible study.
As a pastor, must display a shepherd’s heart towards all members (Ezk 3:11, 16-19; Matt
16:24-27; Titus 2; Heb 13:17).
Must show a track record of discipling others and emphasize discipleship in ministry.
Must have a heart to reach the lost through evangelism.
Must pass a criminal/financial background check.
In addition, the following responsibilities of elder-qualified men shall also be fulfilled:
Responsible for the preaching ministry of the church. He shall assume the role of the primary pastor/teacher of the congregation, applying biblical truth to people’s lives through clarity in preaching and teaching of the bible, to include Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night.
Plan and conduct worship services, prepare and deliver sermons, and other bible teaching, and lead in the observance of the ordinances of the church.
Visit and counsel those interested in church membership.
Provide Biblical Counseling primarily for church members in need.
Perform all necessary duties relating to the leadership and supervision of the pastoral,
ministerial, and administrative staff of the church.
Perform wedding ceremonies, child dedications, and conduct funerals primarily for members of
the congregation as requested unless hindered by circumstance or biblical conviction.
Provide support and leadership to the deacon body.
Be an example in home life, witnessing, and pastoral ministry.
Other duties as assigned by the deacon body in accordance with the best interest of MBC
Only men born a biological male who meet the qualifications of elders as communicated under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 shall be considered for the office of pastor/elder/overseer