Associate Pastor of Youth

November 21, 2022
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Job Description

Reports to:
-The senior pastor.
-The congregation.

-Be a growing believer in Jesus Christ, knowing Him personally, while striving to make God’s Word the guide and authority of their life. That is, he must meet the qualifications laid out in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
-Adhere to the confessions our church subscribes to.
-Be a member of Vista Baptist Church for the duration of his service as pastor.
-Reside within the community.

-Have pastoral experience, particularly in overseeing youth ministries.
-Have or desire training for pastoral ministry.

Personal Spirituality:
-Gather with the church Sunday morning for prayer, Sunday School, and corporate worship.
-Gather for Sunday Evening worship.
-Gather on Wednesday evening for youth group.
-Maintain a consistent practice of daily prayer and Bible intake.
-Be accountable, approachable, and flexible.

-Punctuality: The associate pastor must do or be at what is required on time.
-Professionalism: The associate pastor should dress appropriately for the various task or events as assigned.
Politeness: All members must be treated with respect. A pastor should love, encourage, and be patient with the members of the church.
-Prudence: The associate pastor will sometimes be given responsibilities that require prudence and wisdom.

General Ministry Expectations:
-Love the members of VBC and develop relationships with them.
-Pray for church members with a particular focus on the families of Youth.
Spend time visiting and contacting members throughout the week with a focus on families of Youth.
-Assist in planning, promoting, and leading events as necessary.
-Assist in leading ministry volunteers to accomplish assigned tasks.
-Share ideas with the senior pastor and other ministry leaders to foster faithfulness, creativity, and growth in the various ministries of VBC.

Specific Ministry Expectations:
-Oversee the Youth Ministry of the church.
-Teach the middle school and high school -Sunday School and Wednesday Youth Group.
-Recruit and train volunteers for the Youth Ministry.
-Encourage and equip parents who are members of this church to raise their children in the instruction and fear of the Lord.
-Create and assist in outreach opportunities as needed.
-Serve on committees as decided upon by the church.
-Preach in the absence of the senior pastor.
-Counsel members and guests as needed.
-Meet weekly with the senior pastor to pray for members, discuss church life and direction, evaluate the previous week’s sermons, and discuss the upcoming sermons.

-This is a bi-vocational position.