Full Time Pastor

March 25, 2024
Application ends: October 1, 2024
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Job Description

Doctrinal Statement: The Pastoral candidate must affirm the Doctrines of Grace as well as New Covenant Theology, teaching and promoting the principles and distinctions from Covenant
Theology and Dispensationalism contained therein. The Pastor shares the office of elder as one
among equals with the other men constituting the Board of Elders.

Purpose: The Pastor is responsible to the church for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and
accurately teaching the Bible. He will assist the Elders in overseeing the life and direction of the
church. He will have a firm grasp on the purpose, values, doctrinal beliefs, and direction of the
church and the ability to align other leaders and staff with its mission. The Pastor will use his
skills in administration leadership for engaging in pastoral care ministry, evangelism,
discipleship, and teaching for the church and the needs of the community. He will ensure that the
systems, practices, and policies of the church responsibly and effectively support its ministry

Key Responsibilities & Duties:
 The Word of God and Prayer
o Equip the saints of SGC for ministry through consistent Biblical preaching and
o Demonstrate as a guideline of personal behavior the standard required in I
Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9, I Peter 5:1-4.
o Execute the role of primary preacher for Sovereign Grace Chapel worship
services. He will also provide assistance and oversight, along with the Elders, for
all church ministries, trainings and programs.
o Maintain a regular program of prayer and study to equip himself to plan and
conduct original, meaningful, God glorifying worship services.
o Prepare and conduct worship services, lead in the observance of ordinances and
promote the practice of individual and corporate prayer.
o Lead the church in proclaiming the Gospel to the church and community.
 Leadership
o Will be involved in defining the strategic plan of the church and coordination in
execution of the church’s purpose. Define and implement strategic goals and
vision as a key leader in the church.
o Supervision of other members of church staff according to staff organization
o Monitor the spiritual pulse and needs of the congregation as appropriate and
necessary through review and accountability, along with the Elders in, order to
have an effective and accurate perspective on the life of the church body.
o Serve as a representative of the church in civic matters.
o Lead the SGC community in fulfillment of our Lord’s Great Commission,
Matthew 28:18-20.

 Other Duties
o Perform wedding ceremonies and conduct funeral services.
o Conduct premarital, vocational, family, bereavement, counseling sessions, etc. as
needed and appropriate, and refer for other professional legal, medical, and
mental health services for counsel and intervention as necessary.
o Oversee church discipline effectively according to Scripture and our Bylaws.
o Collaborate with Elders, Deacons, and other church officers and committees to
ensure Biblical understanding and execution of their responsibilities.
o Conduct new member classes and/or meet one-on-one with prospective new
members. Classes/meetings will include the church’s doctrinal positions,
membership expectations, and evaluation as appropriate of the candidates for
 Administration & Evaluation
o The Pastor oversees and executes the overall administration of the church through
appropriate staff and ensures ministries, church business, facilities, and logistical
support functions are appropriate and effective towards our goals and mission.
o The Pastor will regularly meet with the Elders to discuss church matters, striving
together with the Elders to shepherd the flock of God which He purchased with
His own blood, Acts 20:28.
o Utilize the church Secretary as necessary for assistance in execution of any
appropriate administrative needs.
o Effectively and adequately utilize our Planning Center platform for coordination
of services.